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To save a lot of time, money and resources, and simply because things can work smoother with the use of smart technologies. Even though the “Internet of Things” concept might sound a bit complex, it is actually quite simple. It essentially boils down to different devices connecting, communicating and cooperating among themselves, as well as detecting each other. At SDT Systems, we firmly believe that the IoT concept can be utilized in virtually any industry and that its implementation can be affordable and simple.


We have developed a multifunctional network and platform that can connect to any kind of electronic or mechanical device in the world. When the devices are properly equipped, we can connect them into a network, analyze the data, and ultimately optimize business.

Hardware features

Circuit Board
  • wi-fi connectivity,

  • up to 8 different sensors,

  • easy configuration via hotspot,

  • in case of a blackout stores memory for up to a week,

  • works with regular C batteries, which last for a year,

  • casing appropriate for outdoor use.

Software features

  • detailed analytics, tailored to the client,

  • various types of notifications (over app, text, push notifications, e-mails),

  • managing all connected devices,

  • managing supplies,

  • creating hierarchical roles,

  • personalized design,

  • safe access,

  • fast performance,

  • excellent user experience.

What we do

Our projects

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Smart toilet equipment

In spite of its incredible potential, the hygiene industry is almost bereft of digitalization. This, however, no longer needs to be the case.


Have you ever heard about or seen “autocut” dispensers of paper towels and toilet paper? These are devices that use an inner mechanism to measure the precise amount of dispensed materials. As a result, paper use can be brought down by 40%, the vendor lowers their expenses, while the supplier generates more income. But herein lies the problem – in these dispensers, the toilet paper (or towels) typically cannot be refilled until after they have run out. This means there is always the chance that a client finds themselves without toilet paper.

The solution:

We tackled the challenge by implementing the SDT framework into dispensers, thereby allowing cleaners to receive text notifications before the paper is used up. This way, they spend much less time making rounds. The vendor, on the other hand, retains complete control over the usage of said materials, along with the ability to manage new shipments at the supplier, which results in increase of revenue and decrease of logistics costs.


Smart disinfection station

With the arrival of the COVID-19 crisis at the beginning of 2020, hand hygiene and disinfection became two of the most important measures in the global fight against the virus.


A big concern for the SDT team were the empty hand sanitizer dispensers at key locations (hospitals, grocery stores, schools, etc.).

The solution:

By implementing the SDT framework into dispensers, we enabled those in charge to be informed about the amount of remaining sanitizer and ensure that the disinfectant never runs out. The data that clients receive on the use of disinfectants also allows them to calculate how many people visit their establishment(s). We propped the LCD screens up above the smart stations and enabled the advertisements to be shown for each sanitizing session. This way, the client can cover the cost of used disinfectant with advertising. Distribution and management of advertising material is enabled through the SDT platform.

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About us


We are a Covid-19 start-up company. Though we do not personally have a lot of first-hand experience with the virus, we have nonetheless come up with a few amazing ideas during the lockdown. Our team consists of software engineers, electrical engineers, data scientists and designers. Energy and optimism run high here, with an unstoppable team spirit ready to tackle any and all challenges head on.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we cannot wait to see how our technology can fit into your business!

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