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Disinfection Station

With the arrival of the COVID-19 crisis at the beginning of 2020, hand hygiene and disinfection became two of the most important measures in the global fight against the virus.


A big concern for the SDT team were the empty hand sanitizer dispensers at key locations (hospitals, grocery stores, schools, etc.).

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The solution

By implementing the SDT framework into dispensers, we enabled those in charge to be informed about the amount of remaining sanitizer and ensure that the disinfectant never runs out. The data that clients receive on the use of disinfectants also allows them to calculate how many people visit their establishment(s). We propped the LCD screens up above the smart stations and enabled the advertisements to be shown for each sanitizing session. This way, the client can cover the cost of used disinfectant with advertising. Distribution and management of advertising material is enabled through the SDT platform.

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