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Work smarter,
not harder

We believe that with the use of smart technology

things can work smoother and faster.


Even though the "Internet of Things" concept might sound a bit complex, it is actually quite simple. It essentially boils down to different devices connecting, communicating and cooperating among themselves, as well as deteching each other. At SDT SYSTEMS, we firmly believe that IoT concept can be utilized in virtually and industry and that its implementation can save a lot of time, money and resources. 

Multifunctional and universal 

Our multifunctional designed circuit board and platform can be connected to any kind of electronic or mechanical device in the world.


Once the devices are properly equipped, we can connect them into a network, analyze the data, and ultimately optimize business.

User friendly platform

Our projects

We listen to your wishes and do our best to fulfill your expectations.

About us
Are you looking for a
smart and cost effective solution?
Work with us . Our team has experties in electrical engineering, programming, firmware development, software development and more. 

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